About Us

Zimbabwe has, in the last couple of years, made a conscious and concerted effort to join the Information Technology and Communications era of the developed world with its laying of fibre-optic cabling and the increased broadband and wireless capabilities countrywide. Because of this development and expansion of existing services, there was a perfect opportunity to integrate a range of products and services that were either previously unavailable, or limited, within the country, and
so. . . SKY Solutions came into being!

Our range of products and services to the Zimbabwean market is not exclusive; we have extensive plans to introduce additional services as and when the need arises. Our initial focus has been based on a selection of products, some of which have been in the marketplace for some time – under a different Company name - together with the introduction of our most exciting new development, a CLOUD software solution, that we believe will satisfy a large segment of both business and personal users.
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