SKY Solutions offers an Affiliate program for anyone who wishes to act as a reseller of our Hosted Solutions. We are currently offering Office On Demand under this section, but there are plans to expand this range over the next few weeks.

How Does It Work?

Firstly - There is no cost to join and it takes 5 minutes to sign up!

All you need to do is focus on your sales! Your Commission will be earned accordingly.

Our prices are designed to be affordable for all, which helps you sign up as many people as possible. Remember – for every month you retain customers, you earn residual commission (= regular income!) allowing you time to focus on attracting new customers, which also add to your commission base. So although the percentages may look small, here is an example of possible earnings.

Example Microsoft Office Standard @ $20 / month / user:
Year 1: If you sign up just 1 NEW customer for each day of this year you will earn $3,303.50 in commission
Year 2: Retain these 264 customers, and sign up 1 NEW customer for the 2nd year; your total commission earned for both years will become $9,768.00
Year 3: Retain the two years of customers (528 customers); sign up 1 NEW customer again for the 3rd year; your total commission earned for all three years will amount to $16,104.00

We think that is pretty good money!

Commission Bands:

Total Sales Revenue Commission Earned
$1 - $ 500 5 % per month
$ 501 - $ 2,000 7.5 % per month
$ 2,001 – upward 10 % per month
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