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SYMANTEC - Do you need dependable, efficient and versatile backend Software for your business? Symantec, a frontrunner in security and storage software, offers you assured security, availability and integrity of your data. Can you afford not to have Symantec protecting your business?

TRAINING - In this modern technological world education is never misplaced or wasted. Symantec technical training is imperative for personnel working in Information Technology environments, especially the systems administrators overseeing information security and storage of all organisations. Available on demand!

We will, in the near future, be bringing you an exciting eLearning solution, whereby you can browse and select a vast range of certified training courses, from vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Sun Microsystems, Certified Business Professionals, CompTIA, etc. This eLearning – a first in Zimbabwe – will help those of us keen to expand our knowledge base and learn new technologies and skills, which will have a positive impact on Zimbabwe’s economic progress. Coming Soon! Watch this space!

SKY - Why Buy Software when you can RENT from SKY Solutions!
You need an Office software solution, but the price is prohibitive to your budget or cash flow. Instead of finding a Pirate copy, we have a Hosted CLOUD solution that gives you customised licensed Microsoft Office software - under the umbrella of AllenPort’s® ‘Office On Demand’ – together with an allocation of Hosted Storage space to suit your needs. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation, our customised solutions offer you this range of Office, Project and Visio software plus 256bit encrypted storage space, thus allowing you the freedom to ‘work on the move’. Available Now!
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